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George Anson - Writer, Director, Executive Producer

George Anson’s career began in television production where he has served as a Technical Director, Commercial Producer, and News Director for various television stations around the state of Texas. His love of writing and filmmaking brought him to Austin, where he began work on numerous screenplays, one of which was Spring Eddy. Anson is currently the Development Director for the PBS television series, On Story. He holds a B.A.

Barbara Morgan - Executive Producer

Barbara Morgan co-founded the Austin Film Festival in 1994 and has served as the sole Executive Director since 1999. As a filmmaker, Morgan developed and produced the film Natural Selection, a semifinalist script from the 1996 screenplay competition. The film has been on Showtime, the Sci-fi channel and was released internationally. In 2005, Morgan co-produced the feature documentary Antones: Home of the Blues, which has been released internationally as well. Most recently, Morgan produced a documentary for the Austin Independent School District 125th anniversary.

Mark Coffey - Editor

Professional History: From 1970 to 1980 Coffey was an audio engineer in the music industry. In 1980 switched his focus to film and video, joining Texas Pacific Film/Video (now 501 Post) as a sound editor using one of the earliest computer-based systems. In late 1986 Coffey began cutting picture full time and worked as an editor and post production supervisor with 501 Post, one the Southwest’s leading commercial houses. Between 1991 and 1994 he was engaged in directing commercials, music videos, corporate image pieces and documentary type video projects.

Iskra Valtcheva - Director of Photography

A native of Bulgaria, Iskra Valtcheva is a passionate cinematographer with a versatile approach, unique perspective on visual storytelling, and excellent work ethic. Her cinematography credits include a 2008 Student Academy Award nomination (Red Wednesday, dir. Nazanin Shirazi), and a semi-finalist (Love, Sadie, dir. Naiti Gámez). Iskra was nominated for the 2007 John Alonzo, and the 2009 Bud Stone ASC Student Heritage Awards in Cinematography. She has worked on award-winning projects that screened on PBS (Tattooed Under Fire, dir.

Taylor Cumbie - Associate Producer, Locations Manager, Music Supervisor

In 2006, Taylor graduated cum laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a degree in Art History and the Visual Arts. After studying musical composition and vocal performance at the Los Angeles Music Academy, Taylor spent several years working in the LA art and design worlds, including the Museum of Contemporary Art. Moving to Austin this past June, Taylor took a job with the 2010 Austin Film Festival, and is now working within the Austin film scene.

Samantha Rae Lopez - Unit Production Manager

Samantha Rae Lopez moved to Austin in 2008 to work in production management within the vibrant film community. She worked for the Austin Film Society as an intern, then began working at the Austin Film Festival in various capacities including Production Manager, Office Manager and Executive Assistant. Samantha’s most recent credits include Unit Production Manager on Spring Eddy and KLRU-Q's On Story: Presented by Austin Film Festival.