"A warm, fun, often nutty ensemble comedy that follows the lives of a handful of Texas eccentrics as they collide with one another in a variety of oddball, unpredictable ways. A promising debut for writer-director George Anson, I'm looking forward to his next film."
- Tim McCanlies, Secondhand Lions Writer/Director

"Texas filmmaker George Anson's film, Spring Eddy, is a terrifically entertaining portrait of a man on the lam and the characters that inhabit his universe. For me the film proved to be lots of giddy fun from start to finish. It would be tempting to classify it as a crime pic but the film it's laced with such a refreshing sense of humor that's it's hard to categorize as strictly that. Though there are more twists and turns in the serpentine's tale's unveiling than you can shake a stick at, audiences shouldn't find it hard to follow the film's plot. That's mainly due to Anson's clear gift for concise storytelling that peppers the film. What's more, the film is excellently shot and well acted by its very capable cast. It's a solid effort that left me looking forward to what Mr. Anson might have in store next."
- Adam Long, Focus Newspaper

“Spring Eddy, is much more than just an entertaining movie. Set in Southwest Texas, this clever “tongue-in-cheek” story with villains and heros will keep you guessing and laughing."
- Mary Draughn, Preview Online