Sonny King (Willet Nash)

Sonny King has been acting since age 6 in the CUB SCOUTS where he performed plays and skits that his mother Betty wrote and directed. Encouraged to act , sing and play guitar Sonny has continued to do all three until the present. Born in Washington D.C. his family moved to the mountain community of Cumberland Maryland when Sonny was 10 where he performed in high school plays and played in bands. After a time as a drama major at University of Maryland Sonny spent 4 years in the Navy and a tour of Viet Nam.

After spending time on stage in dinner theater in Florida Sonny was married with two children and moved to Los Angeles to continue acting.Since arriving in L.A. Sonny has had the good fortune to work with many fine actors such as Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon, Christian Slater, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Michael Biehn, James Caan, Robert Cromwell, Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom as well as many fine, lesser-known "character" actors. Cameron Crowe was one of Sonny's favorite directors to work with. Whether working on a "big budget" studio film or an indy, Sonny loves to work! Spring Eddy is no exception with George Anson's fine script and the talented cast and crew! Please check out Sonny's profile at IMDB.